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Turn on Spell-checking in Vim
Feb 19, 2014
One minute read

I realized I was not using a spell-checker with Vim, which is kind of important seeing as I write my blog posts in Vim.

After a quick search, it turns out Vim has its own built-in spell-checker! To enable it, simply type:

:setlocal spell spelllang=en_ca

Or place the above (without the colon) in a newly created markdown.vim file so that it can be applied anytime you’re using markdown in Vim.

A few more handy commands while using spell-checking:

  • ]s – move cursor to the next misspelled word
  • [s – move cursor to the previous misspelled word
  • zg – add current word to the dictionary
  • zug – undo adding current word to the dictionary
  • z= – list suggestions for misspelled word

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