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The Almost Perfect Lenovo ThinkPad X240
Dec 11, 2014
2 minutes read

I have been looking for a replacement to my MacBook Air 2012 11” for a while now. Fine machine, great build quality. Battery life on the non-Haswell model though? Less than stellar.

The 11” market just doesn’t have very many colorful options. Every single machine is lacking in some way. Poor screen brightness or viewing angles, shoddy keyboard or trackpad, or in my MacBook Air’s case, average battery life at best. Okay, perhaps I want the perfect small laptop that simply does not exist.

I thought so too, until I saw the Lenovo ThinkPad X240. That 12.5” IPS panel with 1920x1080 option, 8-17 hours of rated battery life, relatively thin and light-weight, touted to successfully have one of the best in-class keyboards regardless of how many times they have altered it – shut up and take my money already!

Then, as I combed through review after review, a recurring theme began to emerge. Similar to Asus’ first attempts at imitating the MacBook’s clickable trackpad, Lenovo’s first attempt was an utter failure. The clickable trackpad on the X240 is reported to cause the mouse pointer to skip as you are physically pressing the trackpad down, effectively resulting in frequent miss-clicks.

At this point, you might say, just use the trackpoint! And that is what I thought at first. Not if Lenovo has anything to say about it. They removed the separated button left/right mouse button design found on their previous generation X series, so you have to use the clickable trackpad to register a click. And to top it all off, tap-to-click after using the trackpoint is currently quite unresponsive.

I hope that Lenovo releases drivers to help alleviate some of these issues. However, this is a serious deal breaker for me. I don’t necessarily want the perfect trackpad such as the one found on MacBooks (or reportedly, the ChromeBook Pixel), just something that won’t cause me to pull what’s left of my hair out every time I go to click on a link in my browser.

I would like to experience using a laptop from the ThinkPad X series one day. I can either wait for the X250 or to look for a discontinued X230. Here’s to hoping the X240 was just a hiccup, and not the end of the ThinkPad X series.

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