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Running Interactive Processes in Tmux
Aug 12, 2015
One minute read

I’ve been using tmux for my remote sessions to preserve jobs in case I get disconnected. The following have been extremely helpful.

Attach/Detach to Sessions

New tmux session:
tmux new -s <session name>

Detach from session (default):
ctrl-b, d

Re-attach to session:
tmux attach -t <session name>

Run commands in new [detatched] tmux session:
tmux new -[d]s <session name> "cmd1; cmd2"

Disable Sending EOF (via CTRL-d) to ZSH

Note: This is the same as export IGNOREEOF=10 in BASH.

Add the following to your ~/.zshrc:

if [ -n "$TMUX" ]; then set -o ignoreeof; fi

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