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Review: The Dip by Seth Godin
Apr 20, 2017
2 minutes read


A short read on how to become good (the best) at any one thing.

Notable ideas include:

  • The best reap rewards far greater than second place. If you are not going to be the best at something, do not bother starting. Find a niche that you can become the best in.
  • The ideas discussed in this book are not novel, however the author is very direct and concise. A firm reminder that obstacles are to be embraced.
  • Below are some of my take-aways from this book.


Obstacles (referred to by the author as “dips”) serve to weed people out. By surpassing obstacles, you create scarcity, and hence value. The tougher the obstacle, the higher the reward.


In order to become great at one thing, something else must suffer. Choose to excel at fewer things, rather than trailing at many.


Quitting is good. Decide long before an obstacle is reached whether the quest is worth it. And quit right away if there is no intention of surpassing an obstacle. Resources are precious.

If however, an obstacle is insurmountable, do not be afraid to quit. Cut losses. Find something else to become great at.

When attempting to overcome obstacles, do not quit. In the face of adversity, temptation to quit will be high, motivation will be low. Remember: the decision was already made – this is worth it.

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